Policies and Discounts

Please! Please! Do not buy until you review ALL of the following points. And then shop with confidence –
  • Alert – effective October 2019, PayPal implemented a new rules. 3%-4% they charge the seller will NOT be refunded if the transaction cancelled. Some of our buyer make purchases without reading the details, arranging shipping, etc… In the past we would just issue a quick refund and close the issue. With the new PayPal policy, refund will now cost 3%-4% (example – refund on $300 will cost $10). We don’t want to charge the buyers for honest mistake, so (1) PLEASE read the description before buying; (2) Some of the higher end items are now listed with placeholder price (example $5 instead of $500 or $15,000). Do not be surprised, just completely disregard the price. If you are interested in ordering, you would make a purchase and then get remainder of the invoice via PayPal.
  • We have superb EBay Rating and Feedback on 800+ transactions;
  • If you don’t want to register / enter your address and other information on our site, no problems. You can use PayPal pay button or please contact me  with details on what you want to order, and I will issue direct PayPal invoice (minimum order $100).
  • We are accepting PayPal (US orders), Cash (Local Pickup – ZipCode 19406) and, in some cases, MoneyGram.com (Non-US orders, please contact me first), Certified checks and US Postal Money orders acceptable as well.
  • All items shipped insured with tracking and well packed. All items are photographed before shipping.
  • Insured shipping with Tracking Might be Included in the Price on Orders over $75 (US only). Please read description of the item you want to buy. International orders – please contact me before making a purchase.
  • All orders are shipped only to the address registered on your PayPal account. If you have special circumstances, please contact me before making an order.
  • Both US and Non-US buyers who prefer additional safety of EBay market place, can request me to post a specific item they want for sale on EBay. Additional fee of 15% will apply to cover EBay fees. (minimum order $100) Please contact me with the item’s name and SKU#.
  • Majority of the items we sell are unique collectibles and in single quality. The item in your shopping cart is not reserved and can be purchased by someone else up until you make the payment. I might be able to reserve the item for you if you contact me with special request.
  • Some of the items you see here are simultaneously offered on Ebay and Amazon. In the unlikely event you complete the purchase, but the item is out of stock, your payment will be refunded promptly.

  • We pack with extreme care. Some of the items are fragile and can be mishandled and damaged. If this happens during packing, we will inform you and cancel the order with full refund. If damage happens while in transit, you will need to file claim with the carrier. All of our items are insured. The claim will be resolved and you will get refund. If the box arrives undamaged and you are not filing claim with the carrier, but the item appears to have damage during unpacking, we will not offer refund or replacement. All items are sold “as is” with no refund. Please check our feedback on EBay and rest assure – we send items in the exact condition we describe it and picture it. Please contact me with special requests.

  • Discounts – if you purchase multiple items with a single delivery, I will offer 10% refund of the lowest price item or items. Example – If you buy 3 Franklin Mint Harley Davidson Bikes and pay $200 + $150 + $140 = $490. I will refund $200*0 + $150*10% + $140*10%= $29. Also, I offer special discounts to my registered visitors (please join here) and paid customers.
  • If you are a first time buyer and planning an order of over $450, please contact me prior to making order for a special discount. Also, if you don’t contact me, I may reach out to you to confirm the transaction.